Kay Crews, CPP-T, PRP

E-mail: Kay@DallasParliamentarian.com

Dallas, Texas

Kay Crews is a professional parliamentarian and is the immediate past president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP). She is both a CPP-T and a PRP; fewer than 50 people hold that dual credential.

In 2020, Kay was chosen as the Chair of the Joint Committee on the Review of the Code of Ethics, a committee populated by professional parliamentarians representing both the National Association of Parliamentarians and AIP. That Committee drafted and adopted the Joint Code of Professional Responsibility, which is used by all members of professional parliamentary associations.

Kay is currently serving as the Project Manager for the authorship team which is editing the AIP Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, and is also serving as Director of the Accrediting Department for AIP.
She teaches basic parliamentary procedure professionally through the University of Wisconsin Independent Learning department.

Kay is routinely hired as a parliamentarian, but she also provides services as a professional presiding officer, recording secretary, and teller. Outside of meetings, she provides parliamentary opinions, script-writing and bylaws-writing services.

Kay can assist you with the following:

  • Serving as a parliamentarian for your convention or meeting
  • Serving as a professional (neutral) presiding officer – whether for an entire convention or over a single motion
  • Reviewing an existing set of bylaws
  • Drafting a new set of bylaws and other governing documents
  • Drafting scripts for the presiding officer
  • Writing professional opinions about a parliamentary issue
  • Providing training for Boards of Directors and Officers
  • Teaching classes in parliamentary procedure
  • Teaching classes on the intersection of parliamentary procedure and two specific areas of the law – the Texas Open Meetings Act, the Business Organizations Code (especially as it relates to requirements for nonprofit organizations)
  • Writing articles about parliamentary procedure for a newsletter or magazine
  • Serving as a teller for a ballot vote (or providing a crew of tellers, if needed)
  • Serving members of an organization as a “floor parliamentarian”

Kay is an engaging and entertaining speaker and teacher.  She is known for interactive presentations, and an open and likable personality.

As a parliamentarian she is knowledgeable and professional, and works to ensure that meetings are conducted in an impartial manner.  Her favorite saying is that “Members have a right to efficient meetings.”  Her goal – whether serving as a parliamentarian, serving as a temporary presiding officer, drafting a script for a presiding officer, or teaching a workshop – is to ensure that meetings are both fair and efficient.

  • 214-697-2710
  • , Dallas, Texas, USA


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