AIP’s education programs use a variety of parliamentary authorities. This allows you to see how different authorities approach the same subject and to learn about the reasons behind the differences.

While Robert’s Rules of Order is the most frequently used parliamentary authority, it is not the only one. Here are the additional authorities that AIP uses most frequently in our educational programs:

  • American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure– used by many medical associations and the Library Association of America
  • Cannon’s Concise Guide to Rules of Order– used by National Education Association
  • Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure– used by many Hellenic associations
  • Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure– used by many state legislatures

Resources available through our Bookstore

Correspondence Courses 

Look carefully at the description to determine if you need Course 1 or can start with Course 2. You’ll be asked to use several parliamentary sources to examine the course topics. View the AIP Correspondence Courses.


Comparisons of Parliamentary Authorities: These are self-study quizzes to compare and contrast the procedures of several parliamentary authorities.

Fundamentals of Parliamentary Law and Procedure: This was written as a college textbook and contains quizzes following each chapter which can be used for self-study.

Small Group Study Material

Parliamentary Study for Chapters – outlines several educational programs

Teaching Parliamentary Procedure – guides users through basic, intermediate, and advanced courses, providing both content information and descriptions of numerous teaching methods

AIP also offers at least three hands-on, multi-day educational opportunities each year to meet other people and participate in great educational programs.

  • West Coast Practicum in California in January
  • East Coast Practicum on the East Coast in June
  • Annual Session in July/August (location varies)

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If you choose to join AIP, you will receive the quarterly publication Parliamentary Journal. This is the only publication dedicated solely to the study of parliamentary procedure. It strives to cover a range of materials from novice to advanced, real-life issues, and articles based on a variety of authorities. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter, The Communicator. This gives you another dimension in education and brings you closer to fellow AIP members. As an AIP member, there may also be a Chapter in your area that you can join.

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