The American Institute of Parliamentarians is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1958 for the advancement of parliamentary procedure. From a first-year membership of only 48 members, AIP has grown into a progressive association with active chapters. Members reside in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and throughout the world. AIP is unique in its integration of varied parliamentary authorities throughout its educational programs. This diversity in content allows members and students to be aware of common parliamentary procedures, but also to understand the history and theory of why certain procedures exist. We believe this methodology broadens the knowledge base of each student equipping each with greater skill as they serve their client organizations.

Action Plan

The general purpose of AIP shall be the improvement of parliamentary procedure. Specific objectives are codified in the AIP Action Program.

The general purpose of the American Institute of Parliamentarians is to work for the improvement of parliamentary procedure to the end that decisions are made by parliamentary means rather than by violence or by dictatorial actions, and that mankind will learn to live in peace through the effective implementation of sound democratic principles. The objectives of AIP are:

  1. Promote use of effective, democratic, parliamentary practices
  2. Promote preparation and use of parliamentary literature
  3. Promote teaching of Parliamentary procedure
  4. Promote the training and certification of Parliamentarians
  5. Promote wider use of Parliamentarians
  6. Maintain a representative, democratic organization.

Persons who are interested in these objectives and in the study of parliamentary procedure are eligible for membership in AIP. One may become a member by completing an application and paying the annual dues.

AIP Activities and Services

Governing Documents