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Electronic Meetings

Many organizations are trying to hold electronic meetings because of the Corona Virus. The AIP Opinions Committee has prepared a set of opinions concerning meeting during these times. Take a look at Opinions for Electronic Meetings.

The Robert’s Rules Society has produced an 11 page PDF that has sets of rules for such meetings. You can get a copy by clicking on this link to the document.

The authors of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised have issued three Official Interpretations (2020-1, 2020-2, and 2020-3) relating to specific questions that may be especially pertinent to organizations having difficulty conducting business amid restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Official Interpretations are not technically binding on an organization that has adopted Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised as its parliamentary authority, but are nonetheless definitive interpretations of the work by the current authors and should therefore be treated as highly persuasive. While those now being issued concern application of the current 11th edition, they are based in part on clarifications that will be explicit in the forthcoming 12th edition

For Members Seeking Certification or Re-Certification

The American Institute of Parliamentarians has two comprehensive certification programs. If you are a member and want to seek certification as either a Certified Parliamentarian or a Certified Professional Parliamentarian or to Re-Certify Your Status, go to the Members Only page and download the appropriate package. If your browser does not allow you to save PDF files, please search the web for “How to download PDF files using Your Browser

During the 2018 Annual Session, it was approved to immediately drop Demeter as one of the Parliamentary Authorities.

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AIP’s learning experiences focus on every level of the parliamentary profession. Our programs will enhance your performance as an officer, presiding officer, or informed member. You can expand your knowledge of governance and parliamentary procedure and aid your efforts to make your organization efficient and effective.

The American Institute of Parliamentarians has several extensive certification programs, ensuring that members so designated have met the highest possible standards of parliamentary knowledge.


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Public Forum

We have a new Public Forum where anyone can post about Parliamentary Procedure. You can click here or go to the menu item to get to it. The change was made as non-members could not post to the old forum. Give it a try.


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General Inquiry about AIP

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Educational Events
AIP sponsors several practicum, workshops, and conferences designed to help the professional development of the practicing professional, new association officer, experienced board member or beginning parliamentary student. These training events focus on: leadership, presiding skills, board governance, parliamentary skills, and not for profit regulations. Each of these educational opportunities offer hands on learning, expert instruction, as well as the chance for idea sharing through strong networking possibilities.

Pin Buy Back Program

Program To Return/Recycle AIP Membership Pins

The AIP Board of Directors has approved a process by which AIP members can return/recycle regular membership pins, CP pins, and CPP pins to AIP. The pin must be in good shape with no obvious wear. The pins with the safety pin fastening must have a working safety pin. The pins with the clutch back (tie-tac) fastening must have both the pin and the fastener. Each donor will receive $10 for each pin returned.

The pins may be returned at the Annual Session, West Coast Practicum or East Coast Practicum.

This program is beneficial to the individual member who may not want to keep a pin that does not reflect that member’s current designation. This project is beneficial to AIP because our current inventory of regular membership pins is almost depleted. AIP can then re-sell the pins.

Some Quick Knowledge

Want to have some fun and wind up with new knowledge. Take a look at Explore AIP  A brief look at Parliamentary Procedure.

East Coast Practicum

The 2023 East Coast Practicum will be in June of that year. Information will appear later.

Annual Session 2023

The 2022 Annual Session will be held in August Reno, Nevada. This event is available on-line and in-person. Information and registration will appear later.

West Coast Practicum

Mark your calendar now for the AIP West Coast Practicum which will be held January 12 through January 14, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It will be in a new venue — Embassy Suites Hotel at 4315 University Center Drive (not too far from The Strip).  The topic is still being worked on; however, you know  Education Department Chair Craig Henry, CPP-T, PRP and Curriculum Director Mary Remson, CPP-T, PRP will provide timely topics and extremely knowledgeable instructors.  Set aside time in your busy schedule to attend this in-person AIP West Coast Practicum! Registration information will appear soon.

Dollie McPartlin, CP-T, PRP

General Coordinator

Hotel Information

Pictures from WCP 2020.

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