AIP’s Vision

AIP is the leader in championing parliamentary procedure as the key strategic component of an organization’s success in meetings and governance.

AIP’s Mission

The mission of AIP is to develop skillful, highly trained parliamentarians and to improve parliamentary procedure in organizations that want a fair, democratic, and effective decision-making process.

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AIP’s learning experiences focus on every level of the parliamentary profession. Our programs will enhance your performance as an officer, presiding officer, or informed member. You can expand your knowledge of governance and parliamentary procedure and aid your efforts to make your organization efficient and effective.

Get Certified!

The American Institute of Parliamentarians has two comprehensive certification programs. If you are a member and want to seek certification as either a Certified Parliamentarian or a Certified Professional Parliamentarian or to Re-Certify Your Status, go to the Members Only page and download the appropriate package.

The American Institute of Parliamentarians has several extensive certification programs, ensuring that members so designated have met the highest possible standards of parliamentary knowledge.

Questions About AIP

AIP members and guests are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions about membership, how to join, etc…

Questions About Parliamentary Procedure

If you have a question about Parliamentary Procedure, feel free to send in your inquiry.

AIP sponsors several practicum, workshops, and conferences designed to help the professional development of the practicing professional, new association officer, experienced board member or beginning parliamentary student.

These training events focus on: leadership, presiding skills, board governance, parliamentary skills, and not for profit regulations.

Each of these educational opportunities offer hands on learning, expert instruction, as well as the chance for idea sharing through strong networking possibilities.

Virtual Practicum

You’re invited to participate in the AIP Virtual Spring Practicum including Presiding Sessions!

Save the Date: Friday May 31, 2024 – Sunday June 2, 2024

The Virtual Spring Practicum will have two primary focuses.  The first will be presentations that revolve around the three primary authorities we and our clients interact with and their default positions.  The attendees will be immersed in a series of lectures and activities that will provide them with a better understanding of what AIPSC 2nd Edition, RONR 12th Ed, & Model Not for Profit Statue identify as your default rules if you do not have superseding organizational rules.

The second focus will be our popular presiding sessions.  These sessions are designed to allow participants to practice presiding in a safe learning environment. Participants will preside through guided scenarios, perfecting their cadence, wording, and comfort.  And don’t worry, we have beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups, plus we allow you to choose the authority you want to practice under.

Registration information is coming soon!

C.J. Cavin, JD, CPP-T, PRP General Coordinator
David Jackson, CP-T, PRP Curriculum Director


Electronic Meetings

Many organizations are trying to hold electronic meetings because of the Corona Virus. The AIP Opinions Committee has prepared a set of opinions concerning meeting during these times. Take a look at Opinions for Electronic Meetings.

Robert’s Rules Resources

The Robert’s Rules Society has produced an 11 page PDF that has sets of rules for such meetings.

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Find A Parliamentarian

Do you need to hire a parliamentarian for your business or meeting? We offer a directory of parliamentarians who are advertising their services.


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