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Teacher Course — January 2020

The American Institute of Parliamentarians will offer a fully revamped Teacher Certification Course on 14-15 January 2020, immediately preceding the West Coast Practicum at the Alexis Park Resort. The course will begin 8:00 am on Tuesday, 14 January, and will end at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, 15 January. Any certified member of AIP (CP, CP-T, CPP, CPP-T) or registered member of NAP (RP or PRP) is eligible to take the course. Registration materials will be available the first part of December. At least eight students will need to have registered for the course by 15 December in order for it to be conducted.

The Teacher Certification course is recommended for:

  • Any certified member of AIP who wishes to become Teacher Certified. Following successful completion of the course, it will also be necessary to earn “service points” demonstrating continued teaching in the field.
  • Any member of AIP who was previously “grandfathered” as a Certified Teacher who wishes to earn continuing education credit. Successful completion of the Teacher Certification course is one of several ways that a Certified Teacher can extend their period of certification
  • Any certified member of AIP or registered member of NAP who, even though not a candidate for Teacher Certification, wishes to improve teaching skills in a controlled nonthreatening environment.

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