If you want to form a new chapter, here is a link to the Chapter Bylaws Template.

State Based Chapters


Los Angeles
Golden Bears Chapter
#10 – Los Angeles, CA
Mitch Chesney, President

Riverside Society of Parliamentarians
#52 – Riverside, CA
Bob Palmer, President
Arlene Blas, Vice President
John (Jack) Nelson – Secretary
Marjorie Benesh – Treasurer

Sacramento Chapter of AIP
#71 – Sacramento, CA
David Shapiro, CPP-T, PRP, President

District of Columbia

District of Columbia
Virginia Schlotzhauer Chapter
#06 – District of Columbia
President – John F. Tatum, Jr.


Fort Wayne
Robert W. Leiman Chapter
#33 – Fort Wayne, IN
President – Tom Haller, 260-489-9561 tomhal44@gmail.com
First Vice-President:  Dave Wilkins, 260-447-2886
Second Vice-President:  Doug Guerin, 260-456-4803
Secretary (appointed):  Berniece Wilkins, 260-447-2886
Treasurer (appointed):  Barbara White, 260-484-4914


Las Vegas
Meadows Chapter
#69 – Las Vegas, NV
Dollie McPartlin, President – D_McPartlin@msn.com
Solveiga L. Unger, Vice President
Lois Rohay, Treasurer

New York

Long Island
Long Island New York Chapter for 2016-2018:
#35 – Long Island, NY
President – Lori Lang Finck, 3 River Bend Lane, Sherman, CT 06784, 860-355-5139, llfinck@aol.com
Vice President – Helene P. Goldsmith, 42 Georgia Dr., Syosset, NY 11791, 516-921-5662, parlihelene@gmail.com
Secretary – Delores C. Kershaw, 41 Koeppel Pl., Hempstead, NY 11550, 516-486-6787, dck731@aol.com
Treasurer – Fran Kulik, 47 Irving St., Valley Stream, NY 11580, 516-285-0661, franaip@yahoo.com


Greater Cleveland Chapter
#18 – Cleveland, OH
James L. Williams, President
927 Trimble Pl
Sagamore Hills, OH 44067-2237
330-468-0069 R


Abilene-Emery Chapter
#37 – Abilene, TX
President – Sharon Daugherty, PRP, 325-673-9446; sharond31@suddenlink.net
Vice-President – Audra Horton audrahorton@windstream.net
Secretary — Marcus Anderson, 325-677-6028; marcus2642@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer — Sheryl Minear, RP,  325-677-1543 Sheryl_minear@yahoo.com


North Sound Chapter of AIP
#74 – Lynnwood, WA
President – Matt Schafer, PRP
Vice – President – Paul McClintock, CP-T, PRP
Secretary – Kevin Connelly, CP, PRP
Treasurer – K. Ann McCartney, PhD, CP-T, PRP

Spokane-Alyce Baker Chapter
#02 – Spokane, WA

President: Lawrence Lawton
Vice President: Christina Burris
Secretary: Weldon Merritt, CPP, PRP
Treasurer: Roberta Jackson

Canadian Chapters


Parliamentary Society of Toronto
#51 – Ontario, Canada
President: Carolyn Hoxie, email: choxie@me.com
Vice-President: Michael Kobzar
Director of Programs: Michael Mouritsen email: mmouritsen@rogers.com
Secretary:  Timothy Sulisz email:  parliamentary.society.of.toronto@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Rajiv Mahendran

Electronic/Virtual Chapters

Adopt In-Lieu-Of Chapter

Chapter Email:
President: Rosalie H. Stroman, PRP rs86ivy@aol.com
Vice President – Susan Eads Role, PRP serole@parliamentaryservicesllc.com
Secretary – Latisha Corey latishacorey@outlook.com
Treasurer: Wanda M. Sims, PRP wmsims1@verizon.net
Director of Governing Documents: Steven D. Cook, PRP sdcook@gmail.com
Director of Membership and Public Relations: Sandra H. Cook, PRP scookaka@gmail.com
Director of Programs: David Whitaker, PRP dawhitaker2@outlook.com
Parliamentarian: Jeanette N. Williams, CP-T, PRP jn-williams@prodigy.net
Historian: Henry C. Lawton, Jr., PRP hcljr@lawtonparliamentarygroup.com
Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of June, August, October, December, February and April at 7:00 PM CT via Zoom

Betty S. Green Chapter

Betty S. Green Chapter
Chapter Email:
President – Nilda Rivera, CP, nildarivera2002@gmail.com
Vice President – Donna Simpson, PRP; simpsondonna@verizon.net
Secretary – Nush Powell, secoffac@purdue.edu
We meet every 3rd Sunday at 4:00 (CT) and 1st Thursdays at 7:30 (CT) via Zoom. All meetings are for educational study. Our business meetings are held once per quarter in February, May, August and November.

National Intercollegiate Parliamentary Association

National Intercollegiate Parliamentary Association
Chapter Email: nipa.aip@gmail.com
President: Joe Laborie laborie.7@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Secretary: Kendra Flood flood.kendra5373@gmail.com
VP of Finance: Thomas Gabel tsg5162@psu.edu
VP of Marketing Communications: Hayley Osterkorn hosterko@asu.edu
Instagram: @nipa_ig

Parliamentarians 2.0

President: Trenace Cunningham Pyles, tcpyles@yahoo.com
Vice President: Stephanie Nicholson
Secretary: Chanda LeGrant, chandalegrant@gmail.com
Treasurer: Marisa Lee
Ethics Committee Chair: Joyce Alexander

Chapter Meetings are held virtually on the third Sunday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Educational sessions are held during the chapter meetings. Executive Board meetings are held virtually on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
If you wish to join the meeting, send an email to the President or Secretary at least three days prior to the meeting.

Professional Chapters

Dental Chapter

President – Mark B. Desrosiers, DMD, RP, CP. topgum@charter.net 860-377-4310
Vice President – Monica Hebl, DDS, hebl.monica@gmail.com 414-861-3798
Secretary – Bob Wilson, DDS, rwilsondds@gmail.com
Business meetings are held three times per year with an annual meeting held in conjunction with the ADA HOD meeting.
Educational meetings are scheduled separately from business meetings and may be held in conjunction with them.

First Meeting

Meeting Management and Basics, J. Rickabaugh

2023-4-26 Session on Amendments

Motion to AmendMotion to Amend