Alison Wallis, J.D., PRP, CP-T

Alison Wallis is an attorney and a professional parliamentarian, offering numerous parliamentary services for a diverse group of clients. She is recognized as an expert in both Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) and The American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (AIPSC).

Since 2005, Alison has served as parliamentarian for clients of many sizes and types, including nonprofit entities, labor unions, lineage societies, religious groups, political parties, and professional associations. She is a frequent presenter on parliamentary law to clients, the general public, and fellow parliamentarians.

Alison is the past president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, the vice president of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers, secretary for the Dahms Foundation (an organization that promotes parliamentary education) and is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Parliamentarians. She is a past District Director of District 6 for NAP, covering the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Parliamentary services Alison can provide for you include:

  • serving as a meeting or convention parliamentarian
  • serving as a professional presider
  • drafting or revising bylaws, standing rules, or other documents
  • providing educational workshops on parliamentary procedure
  • training presiding officers
  • providing board training
  • supervising and conducting elections
  • writing parliamentary opinions

Alison is available to serve the needs of your organization, wherever located. For more information, visit or call or email Alison today!

  • 504-261-6111
  • , New Orleans, Louisiana


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