Applicants for the Certified Parliamentarian rating must be members of AIP, must obtain a grade of 80 or above on the written examination, and must earn 20 service points in areas such as parliamentary education, service to AIP, and professional services.

The AIP Accrediting Committee strongly recommends that applicants prepare/study for at least six months to one year before taking the exam. In order to successfully complete the exam, applicants must be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, the American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, and Demeter’s Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure. Other valuable study guides include the American Institute of Parliamentarians Study Manual, the latest edition of Parliamentary Opinions, and Parliamentary Law by Henry M. Robert.

Other major sources of knowledge and practical application are the West Coast Practicum held in January-February and the East Coast Practicum held in May-June. You can find dates for these on our calendar.

The written exam contains multiple choice, short answer and essay questions, as well as script writing. Please plan on six (6) hours to take this exam.

To apply for this exam, follow the instructions in the exam packet. This packet contains information on the exam process, suggestions to prepare for the exam, the application, and the Service Points Record Form.

The yearly testing dates and application deadlines are as follows:

  • January exam – apply by mid-November of previous year
  • June exam – apply by mid-March of current year
  • October exam – apply by mid-July of current year
2018 Exam Dates  Application Deadline 
January 8-20, 2018 November 20, 2017
June 2018 March 2018
October 2018 July 2018

Exam Application Fee = $150 US currency

When applying for the CP Exam, the applicant gets to choose the testing location that is most convenient for them and a date within the range AIP supplies in the packet. Please plan on six (6) hours to take this exam.

AIP Members – to obtain a CP Exam Packet, click here to email our admin.

If you have questions about AIP’s CP Exam, contact AIP headquarters.