Applicants for the Certified Parliamentarian credential must be members of AIP, obtain a minimum grade of 80% on the written examination, and earn 20 service points in areas such as parliamentary education and service to AIP. The examination fee is $150.

The AIP Accrediting Department policies contain the necessary information you need regarding the exam. The policies are in the Member Portal.

The exam window is open three times a year, and pre-registration is required. You can find dates and registration deadlines here:

The written exam has three parts: multiple choice, short answer questions, and script writing. The exam is online, and each part must be completed within one hour. Brief breaks are allowed between parts of the exam.

The AIP Accrediting Department strongly recommends that applicants study for at least six months to one year before taking the examination. In order to successfully complete the examination, applicants must be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th edition, and the American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure. Other valuable study guides include Cannon’s Concise Guide to Rules of Order, the American Institute of Parliamentarians Study Manual, the latest edition of Parliamentary Opinions, and Parliamentary Law by Henry M. Robert.

The AIP Accrediting Department will not begin testing using the American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 2nd edition, until at least January 2025.
Other major sources of knowledge and practical application are the West Coast Practicum held in January-February and the East Coast Practicum held in May-June and educational sessions presented during the Annual Session, held in July-August. You can find dates for these events on our calendar.

If you have questions about AIP’s CP Exam, contact AIP headquarters.