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My favorite physicist, Richard Feynman, once noted about the universe and physics that "Anything not expressly forbidden is compulsory", by which he meant that if the laws of physics don't forbid a phenomenon from occurring, in an infinitely large universe, you can bet that it'll occur.


Meanwhile, I've got Covid-19 preventing my state society from having an annual meeting, and, as our bylaws say we use the American Institute of Parliamentarians rules, I'm stuck with them stating that unless our bylaws explicitly allow remote / virtual meetings, we can't hold one. This is, quite frankly, poppycock. If the rules don't expressly forbid a virtual meeting, why can't we hold one?

( )

What's up with AIP holding this position?

In hollywood, when home video hit, they initially didn't pay royalties to the writers, actors, etc, because their contracts were silent on the issue. Then, in the next contract negotiation, the guilds added language to cover home video. AIP seems to take the position that the entire home video industry should have waited until after a round of contract negotiations and explicit permission before selling the first movie on VHS, and the real world just doesn't work that way.


Thank you.


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