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Board declines to fill vacancies

Ann Macfarlane
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 Ann Macfarlane
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The bylaws of a homeowners' association state that the board consists of 5 members. Two members have resigned. The remaining officers maintain that they can't find anyone willing to serve, so they are going to wait 8 months until the next election. What is their liability? What if one more person resigns, so that the board has only 2 members, less than a quorum of the fixed membership? Can the "rump board" of 2 continue to act?  Thanks for your input.

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Larry Cisar
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First, when do resignations take effect? The two who resigned might still be members until they are replaced.

Liability -- that is a legal question so you need to consult a lawyer/

One more resigns -- see what actually happens with a resignation and a giving up of responsibility -- the first above.



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