Committee Chairs:

C. J. Cavin
barb_rosi Budget and Finance
Barbara J. Rosi, PRP
colette-collier-trohan Bylaws and Standing Orders
Colette Collier Trohan, CPP-T, PRP
sarah-merkle Ethics
Sarah E. Merkle, JD, CPP-T, PRP
ann-guiberson Member Services
Ann Guiberson, PRP
michael-malamut Opinions
Michael Malamut, JD, CPP-T, PRP
al-gage Youth Activities
Al Gage, CPP, PRP, PAP
mary-remson West Coast Practicum
Mary Remson, CPP-T, PRP

(Curriculum Director)
West Coast Practicum
Dollie McPartlin, CP-T, PRP

(General Coordinator)
al-gage East Coast Practicum 
Al Gage. CPP, PRP, PAP 
(Curriculum Director)
mary-remson East Coast Practicum
Mary Remson, CPP-T, PRP 

(General Coordinator)
Parliamentary Journal Editor
Jonathan Jacobs, CPP, PRP
Editor of The Communicator
Martha Haun, PhD, PRP