AIP members gathered for several days of fun “Above it All!” in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Officers elected were:
President: Kay Allison Crews, CP, PRP
Vice President: The Honorable Daniel Ivey-Soto, JD, CP-T, PRP
Secretary: Robert M. Peskin, DDS
Treasurer: Barbara J. Rosi, PRP

DSC_7868aElected to the Board of Directors were:
Lucy Hicks Anderson, JD, PRP
Carolyn Hoxie
Weldon Merritt, CPP, PRP
Joe Theobald, Ph.D., CP-T, PRP

Remaining on the Board of Directors:
Al Gage, CP-T, PRP
Ann Guiberson, PRP
Mary Remson, CPP-T, PRP
Jeanette Williams, CP-T, PRP
Ruth Ryan, CP-T, PRP, remains on the Board as Education Director.

DSC_7828aAt the Post-Annual Session Board meeting, the following elections were held:

Members of the Board elected to serve on the Executive Committee:
Al Gage, CP-T, PRP
Ann Guiberson, PRP

Accrediting Director: E. Marie Wilson, CPP-T, PRP
Communications Director: Larry Cisar, Ph.D., CPP-T, RP

The following Standing Committee Chairmen were appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors:
• Audit: Joe Theobald, Ph.D., CP-T, PRP
• Budget and Finance: Barbara Rosi, PRP
• Bylaws and Standing Orders: Colette Collier Trohan, CPP-T, PRP
• Member Services: Ann Guiberson, PRP
DSC_7833a• Opinions: Michael Malamut, JD, CPP-T, PRP
• Youth and Scholarship Activities: Al Gage, CP, PRP
• Ethics Committee: Sarah E. Merkle, JD, CPP-T, PRP

Betty Green, CPP-T, PRP, was elected by the Board to the Ethics Committee.


Thanks to all those members who are willing to continue to serve AIP!

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